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Rodney Fox Ocean Floor Shark Cage Diving | Great White Shark Footage

If you have ever considered cage diving with great white sharks, a trip with Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions will give you the best opportunity in the world. They offer a unique experience giving divers the opportunity to view white sharks gliding through their natural environment surrounded by a diverse array of marine life while nestled on the floor of the Southern Ocean. Almost 50 years ago, Rodney Fox pioneered cage diving and has since entertained thrill seekers, scientists, and film makers from all over the world. Now under the leadership of his son, Andrew, Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions continues to provide one of the best opportunities in the world to get up close and personal with great white sharks. To learn more about their operation visit their website. Also, to keep up with current events, shark photos, and videos follow them on Facebook.

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