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Cape Cod Communities Seek Grant For Education and Monitoring of Great White Sharks

Cape Cod Shark Hunters EzyduzitAccording to an article in the Boston Globe, Cape Cod communities are collectively seeking grant money to fund education about great white sharks and to help continue tagging research conducted by the Mass. Department of Marine Fisheries. The increasing number of white sharks around Cape Cod has community officials concerned about a negative economic impact due to the fear of their presence. State biologist Greg Skomal continues to lead the effort in understanding the habits and movements of the sharks when they are in Cape waters. A total of 17 sharks were tagged this summer with most sightings occurring around the Chatham area. Captained by Billy Chaprales, the Ezyduzit is a specialized tuna fishing boat that serves equally well in chasing great whites after they are located by a spotter plane. With a long pulpit extending out in front and an engine that sits above the waterline, Skomal and his research team can get close enough to place acoustic tags near the dorsal fin of these sharks with a modified harpoon. For more information about white shark tagging and sightings, visit the website of Cape Cod Shark Hunters.

Cape Cod towns seek grant for shark awareness

By Katheleen Conti |  GLOBE STAFF

DECEMBER 11, 2012

If tales from old fishermen are true, Cape Cod has come a long way from when some towns offered $5 a snout for proof of the demise of seals, fish-eaters in fishing communities.

Now a protected species, the gray seal population has exploded on the Cape and Islands during the past four years. And where there are seals, there are seal predators, most famously, the great white shark. Last summer marked one of the busiest seasons for great white sightings in the region, with the first shark attack on a human in Massachusetts since 1936. Continue reading…

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