Great White Shark Spotted Off Sebastian Inlet, Florida

by Michael Love on July 1, 2011

Update: July 2012 | Video of Spear Fishermen Encountering a Great White Shark Off Fort Pierce, Florida

A spear fisherman was graced with the presence of a great white shark last week while diving in 170 feet of water off Sebastian Inlet, Florida. Although sightings are rare in Florida waters, recent PSAT tagging research conducted by shark biologist Dr. Greg Skomal revealed that western Atlantic white sharks migrate up and down the eastern seaboard. Could this be one of those tagged sharks? I imagine this was quite a thrill for the diver and probably represents a once in a lifetime experience. It’s great the camera was rolling. The shark does not come into view until shortly after the 3 minute mark so the video will start there.

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FRANK PARKINSON July 5, 2011 at 7:01 am

Well the questions for diver, what do you feel when notice the G.W rigth in from of you. i guess at 170′ deep mind and heart will turn cold stone, no emotions or feelings, just lets go and ride the moment, really. that will be my guess.

Andy Bernbaum August 27, 2011 at 3:15 am

As a diver, at 170′ you are not going anywhere. You are definately in the moment and are not necessarily the one in control. My heart would not turn cold and I would have plenty of emotions. I would not panic, and a little fear might be in the many emotions. The shark was not being aggresive, more curious and left area fast when spear gun turned his way. It would be an awesome experience and you would feel so alive. I have done hundreds of dives, seen numerous sharks in various settings not just Florida, or even U.S. but I have never seen a white or a tiger in the open water. A once in a lifetime opportunity, never to be forgotten. He was doubly lucky to have captured it on film to relive. Plus as I Floridian who has scuba’d Canaveral, Sebastion and really all of Florida frequently, I would think he was probably mistaken without the video. You don’t have much bottom time at 170′ and I’ll bet he and his buddy were on full alert on that long, slow ascent.

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